• zircon;
  • SHRIMP zircon U-Pb age;
  • granitoids;
  • Late Jurassic;
  • Tongling area;
  • Anhui

Abstract  This paper determines the crystallization ages of the Xiaotongguanshan quartz monzodiorite and Shatanjiao quartz monzonite porphyry from the Tongling area using the SHRIMP zircon U-Pb method. The crystallization age of the former is 142.8±1.8 Ma; that of the latter is 151.8±2.6 Ma. These data indicate that they were formed during the Late Jurassic (142.8 to 151.8 Ma). Zoned magma chamber was formed because of double diffusive convection. Therefore, the intrusive sequence of magma is generally from quartz monzonite through quartz monzodiorite to pyroxene monzodiorite, i.e. an inverted sequence.