The New Age of Stalking: Technological Implications for Stalking


  • The authors, with more than 60 total years of experience in the field of domestic violence, make up the Safety Net Project at the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). Cynthia Fraser, Erica Olsen, and Sarah Tucker are Technology Safety Specialists; Kaofeng Lee is Project and Communications Specialist; and Cindy Southworth is founder of the Safety Net Project and Vice President of Development and Innovations at NNEDV.


Technology has led to tremendous advancements in our society but has also brought more danger to victims of stalking and given more tools for stalkers to use. New technology has made it more difficult for prosecutors and judges to hold stalkers accountable for their crimes, and without an understanding of how technology is misused by stalkers to track and monitor their victims, many victims don't get the justice they deserve. This article addresses the tremendous impact of technology on stalking, especially within the context of intimate partner stalking.