Söderström, L. 1988. Sequence of bryophytes and lichens in relation to substrate variables of decaying coniferous wood in Northern Sweden. - Nord. J. Bot. 8: 89–97. Copenhagen. ISSN 0107–055X.

The species sequence on decaying logs during the decay period has been investigated in a forest in Northern Sweden. The species present can be divided, by means of a weighted average technique, into four groups, facultative epiphytes, early and late epixylics, and ground flora species.

Species sequence on several variables reflecting the wood decay, was measured for 25 species. Wood texture (degree of surface erosion) was the most important variable in separating species. Logs high above ground had very few species, probably due to low moisture content. Log diameter was important and several species did not occur, or only rarely occurred, on small logs. Small logs are more rapidly overgrown by ground flora species and very few reach late decay stages before being overgrown. Larger logs also have greater waterholding capacity which facilitates growth of many species sensitive to drought.