Moberg, R. 1995. The lichen genus Phaeophyscia in China and Russian Far East. -Nord. J. Bot. 15: 319–335. Copenhagen ISSN 0107–055X.

Fifteen species, more than half of the total known species in the lichen genus Phaeophyscia, are shown to be present in China and Russian Far East. Morphology, anatomy, chemistry, distribution, habitat, relations to other taxa and some evolutionary trends are discussed. A key to the species is presented and regional distribution maps of all species are given. Several species are new to the area. New combinations are: Phaeophyscia endococcina var. endococcinodes and Phaeophyscia hispidula var. exornatula. The following names are reduced to synonymy: Phaeophyscia endococcinodes, Physcia endococcinodes var. megalospora, Physcia endococcinodes var. stellata, Phaeophyscia imbricata, Phaeophyscia exornatula, Phaeophyscia limbata, and Physcia endococcina var. latiloba.