Silica-scaled chrysophytes from the bog-lake Baláta-tó, SW Hungary



Twenty-six species of silica-scaled chrysophytes representing the genera Chrysosphaerella (1 species), Mallomonas (19 species) and Synura (6 species) are reported based on transmission electron microscopy from the springtime flora of the slightly acidic bog-lake Baláta-tó, a Nature Reserve, situated in Southwest Hungary. Ten of them (Mallomonas alata, M. clavus, M. insignis, M. mangofera, M. oviformis, M. papillosa, M. pillula, M. scalaris, M. transsylvanica and Synura multidentata) are new records for Hungary. Furthermore, two species, M. pillula and M. scalaris are for the first time found in the Carpathian Basin and M. alata f. hualvensis is a new record for the flora of Europe. Dispersal problems are discussed.