A revised generic classification of the tribe Sileneae (Caryophyllaceae)



A reclassification of the tribe Sileneae compatible with molecular data is presented. The genus Eudianthe (E. laeta and E. coeli-rosa) is restored. Viscaria, Ixoca (=Heliosperma), and Atocion together form a well supported monophyletic group distinct from Silene and Lychnis, and are recognized at generic level. With Agrostemma and Petrocoptis, the number of genera in the tribe sums up to eight. The new combinations Silene samojedora, Silene ajanensis, Lychnis abyssinica, Atocion asterias, Atocion compacta, Atocion lerchenfeldiana, and Atocion rupestris are made.