Aspidistra lingyunensis sp. nov. (Asparagaceae) from limestone areas in Guangxi, China


L.-F. Guo, Guangxi Inst. of Botany, Guangxi Zhuangzu Autonomous Region and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN-541006 Guilin, PR China. E-mail:


Aspidistra lingyunensis C. R. Lin & L. F. Guo (Asparagaceae) is described and illustrated as a new species from limestone areas in northwestern Guangxi, China. It resembles A. obconica C. R. Lin & Yan Liu in leaf size and its obconical and purplish red pistil, but differs by having a yellowish white perianth, with lobes oblong, explanate, 6–7 mm long, subequal to tube and a white stigma surface, ca 3 mm in diameter. The new species is rare, currently known only from northwestern Guangxi.