Lectotypification and characterization of Discoclaoxylon pubescens (Euphorbiaceae) from Annobón Island (Equatorial Guinea)


P. Barberá, Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, Plaza de Murillo 2, ES-28014 Madrid, Spain. E-mail: pbarbera@rjb.csic.es


Discoclaoxylon pubescens (Pax & K. Hoffm.) Exell, endemic to Annobón Island (Equatorial Guinea), is here lectotypified from Mildbraed´s original material found in the Herbarium Biozentrum Klein-Flottbek of Hamburg (HBG). A detailed morphological description of the female characters (flower and fruit), before unknown, is provided, completing the earlier recollections with fruit material. A comparison of the main characters of the other three species of the African genus, along with a key, is provided. A drawing of D. pubescens, never illustrated before, and photographs of flowers, fruit and seed, are provided.