The foliar indumentum of 94 taxa of Rubus has been surveyed by scanning electron microscopy. The analysed species belonged to five subgenera. Rubus subgen. Rubus with its three sections and 21 series was the most numerously represented. In all studied species, indumentum was present, but the species differed more or less from each other with respect to the density of the indumentum on the abaxial leaf surface. Three main hair types were present: simple eglandular (unbranched) trichomes, branched eglandular trichomes, and very short secretory uni-seriate trichomes; subtypes were distinguished according to trichome size. Apart from investigating separate traits, we described character patterns for the best represented and homogeneous series: Discolores, Subthyrsoidei, Rhamnifolii and Rubus. Other large groups (Sylvatici, Glandulosi and Micantes) were more diverse.