Picrorhiza tungnathii sp. nov. from western Himalaya, India


Prashant K. Pusalkar Botanical Survey of India, Northern Regional Centre, 192, Kaulagarh Road, IN-248 195 Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. E-mail: lecyth@yahoo.com


The new species Picrorhiza tungnathii Pusalkar is described and illustrated from the western Himalaya, India. It is distinguished from the allied P. kurrooa Royle ex Benth. by being 10–25 cm tall, having a moderately dense, (10–)15–25-flowered spike, a zygomorphic, 2-lipped, glandular-ciliate corolla that is equaling or slightly exceeding the calyx and partly visible or sub-exserted between the calyx lobes, a conspicuously long (longer than the corolla lobes), curved corolla tube (1/2–4/5 the length of the calyx), unequal corolla lobes that are ovate-lanceolate to lanceolate, acute to sub-acuminate and moderately ciliate, a mid-lobe of the upper lip that is obliquely erect, galeate with retuse or emarginate apex, lateral corolla lobes that are slightly smaller than the mid-lobe of the upper lip, a lower corolla lip that is slightly shorter than the lateral lobes, obliquely erect or spreading, didynamous, long-exserted (2–3 times the corolla) stamens, pollen of the Paederota-type and a style that is 2–3 times as long as the corolla.