• Earthquake;
  • infectious disease;
  • health promotion;
  • Wenchuan


In order to identify all public hygiene problems in the Wenchuan quake-affected areas, and also to provide relevant recommendations to local governments, the quake areas were entered for field investigation and consultation. The current situation and hidden dangers and problems of epidemic surveillance, planned immunization, drinking water hygiene, nutrition and food hygiene, environmental hygiene are discussed in the article. Some suggestions are also provided for government public hygiene policy: (i) launch a patriotic health campaign among the population; (ii) study on green agricultural policy of changing dung into manure; (iii) start from quake-affected area to develop rural environmental hygiene work; (iv) prolong treatment of infectious diseases free of charge, and draw up a policy of free vaccination for earthquake victims; and (v) realize reform of the CDG funding system in the quake-affected area. At last, meaning and judgment criteria of ‘no big epidemic after a great disaster’ are interpreted. The observation period is divided into three phases: forthcoming summer and autumn phase, forthcoming winter and next spring phase, and comprehensive recovery phase.