Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine NEWS

1. Patients for Patient Safety Strategic meeting held 25–27 January 2010 in Geneva

Patients for Patient Safety (PFPS) Strategic meeting held 25–27 January 2010, Geneva, attended by the PFPS steering group, 11 PFPS Champions and a number of others including secretariat staff. Prof. Mingming Zhang, a PFPS Champion of WPRO from Chinese Cochrane Centre was invited to attend the meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was to give participants an opportunity to share their experience so far as champions, including the challenges and regional priorities, and to have open discussion on future strategies for the PFPS programme. In the welcoming speech Susan Sheridan, PFPS Expert Lead, shared with the group that since the first PFPS workshop in November 2005 in which 19 participants produced the London Declaration, there had been 15 workshops in 11 countries involving over 600 individuals and thousands had been touched through the various networks of champions.

2. The First National Medical Continuing Education Training Program on Patient Safety held 6–9 December 2010 in Guangzhou, China

The training program on patient safety based on the theory and skill of WHO patient safety curriculum held 6–9 December 2010 in the First Clinical Medicine College of Guangzhou Jinan University attended by over 100 participants of which about 35 from different parts of China. The aim of this training program was to raise awareness of patient safety knowledge and learn some skills on how to manage medical error. 11 topics on patient safety were delivered mainly including introduction to WHO patient safety undergraduate curriculum, current research on patient safety, patient safety in surgery, adverse event and risk management in nursing department, and patient safety in medication etc. It was the first kind of such training program in China, therefore this training course was strongly supported to by WHO Patient Safety Curriculum Guide for Medical Schools Program. Prof. Mingming Zhang, a member of WHO Patient Safety Undergraduate Curriculum Expert Group was invited as the main instructor to give the lectures for the participates.