The first of the two topics in this issue of Topics in Cognitive Science was inspired by a very successful symposium commissioned by the 2008 Cognitive Science Conference co-Chairs in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first cognitive science conference. Lawrence Barsalou (Emory University) was persuaded to organize that symposium and we persuaded him to expand and turn it into two collections of papers for topiCS. The first part of our two-part 30th Anniversary Perspectives on Cognitive Science discusses disciplines and perspectives that have been central to Cognitive Science for the last 30 years. The second part will appear in a future issue of topiCS and focus on continuing and emerging theoretical perspectives.

Thirty years ago moral decision-making was not a topic discussed by cognitive scientists. As topiCS Editors Wendell Wallach (Yale) and Stan Franklin (University of Memphis) show, much has changed in 30 years. These two have worked hard to solicit and edit an exciting collection of papers by core and emerging leaders in the cognitive science community.

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