Introduction to Volume 4, Issue 2 of topics


In this issue, we are pleased to present the topic, Production of Referring Expressions: Bridging the Gap between Computational and Empirical Approaches to Reference. In crafting this topic, Topic Editors Emiel Krahmer (Tilburg University), Roger van Gompel (University of Dundee), Albert Gatt (University of Malta), and Kees van Deemter (University of Aberdeen) issued a general call for “Intentions to Submit” in February 2010 that was answered by 40 serious intentions. The “intentions” most appropriate to the topic were encouraged and the Editors and Authors have been engaged in the normal editorial give and take to find a selection of papers that met the dual criterion of scientific rigor and topic appropriateness. We are pleased by the quality of the end work and believe that you will be pleased as well.

As always, topiCS encourages commentaries and new topics. Send your commentaries directly to me at along with a short note. If you are proposing a topic, please open communications with a short first note (about 300–650 words or fewer) and be sure to consult the topiCS FAQ page,, for Preparing a Proposal for topiCS.