gcbb1179-sup-0001-SectionS1.docWord document121KSection S1. Cultivation practices.
gcbb1179-sup-0002-SectionS2.docxWord document28KSection S2. Input data.
gcbb1179-sup-0003-TableS1.docxWord document17KTable S1. Jatropha SVO and biodiesel costs per litre ($ L−1).
gcbb1179-sup-0004-TableS2.docxWord document17KTable S2. Cassava ethanol costs per litre ($ L−1).
gcbb1179-sup-0005-TableS3.docxWord document17KTable S3. Eucalyptus pellets costs per ton ($ t−1).
gcbb1179-sup-0006-TableS4.docxWord document18KTable S4. Breakdown of retail price of diesel in Tanzania, October 2008, (Citizen, 2008; EWURA, 2009).
gcbb1179-sup-0007-TableS5.docxWord document17KTable S5. Breakdown of retail price of petrol in Tanzania, October 2008, (Citizen, 2008; EWURA, 2009).

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