• female urethral diverticulum;
  • stress urinary incontinence;
  • suburethral synthetic mesh tape sling;
  • transvaginal urethral diverticulectomy

Objectives: Pubovaginal fascial sling along with urethral diverticulectomy has been advised as the most appropriate anti-incontinence procedure for female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) with concomitant urethral diverticula (UD). We believe that suburethral synthetic mesh tape sling can also be safely used in some patients with concomitant SUI and UD. Herein, we present our experience for simultaneous treatment of UD and SUI with urethral diverticulectomy and suburethral synthetic mesh tape sling.

Methods: From 2003 to 2008, there are three patients with UD and SUI in our institution. They received transvaginal urethral diverticulectomy and suburethral synthetic mesh tape sling simultaneously. Videourodynamics was done before and three months after the surgery.

Results: Preoperative pelvis magnetic resonance imaging and videourodynamic study showed UD over distal urethra and SUI in all three patients. Urinalysis disclosed mild pyuria in two of the patients, and they both received intravenous antibiotics treatment to eradicate the infection prior to the surgery. They all underwent urethral diverticulectomy with suburethral synthetic mesh tape sling. The postoperative videourodynamic study showed no recurrence of UD and SUI. With a mean follow up of 33.3 months, there was no infection or exposure of synthetic mesh tape.

Conclusions: In patients with UD and SUI, suburethral sling using synthetic mesh can be as effective and safe as facial sling in selected patients.