Fig. S1. β-Galactosidase (bgaH) activity of H. salinarum R1 (WT) and H. salinarum ΔkdpFABC with plasmid-encoded bgaH fused to either functional kdp promoter (−206) or to non-functional truncated kdp promoter (−25) measured by the ONPG assay described by Holmes et al., 1997. Liquid cultures were grown in either rich medium (ATCC 2185) and in casamino acids medium (CAA) supplemented with KCl as indicated as described by Strahl and Greie (2008). Error bars correspond to the mean standard deviation of three independent measurements.

Movie S1. Z-scan of a halite inclusion with entrapped H. salinarum R1 cells. Scale bar: 10 µM. Photomicrographs were acquired with a Leica DM5500B microscope equipped with a SPOT Pursuit-XS camera.

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