Fig. S1 (related to Fig. 1C). ESI-MS analysis of the three siderophores identified by HPLC in the crude extracts. The masses (molecular ions [M+H]+) of these three molecules correspond to (A) coelichelin (m/z = 566.45), (B) desferrioxamine B (m/z = 561.59) and (C) desferrioxamine E (m/z = 601.58) respectively.

Fig. S2 (related to Fig. 2B). Effect of dasR deletion and/or GlcNAc addition on siderophore production in S. lividans. CAS siderophore production assay of S. lividans TK24 and its dasR mutant. Extracellular extracts were obtained from mycelia grown for 72 h on R2YE plates with or without GlcNAc (50 mM). Note the less drastic reduction in siderophore production due to the inactivation of dasR than upon GlcNAc addition.

Table S1. List of DasR-responsive elements (dre) identified in Streptomyces coelicolor.

Table S2. List of Streptomyces strains used in this study.

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