Fig. S1. Neighbour-joining phylogenetic tree showing the relationships of individual OTUs to detected anammox bacterial clusters recovered from Qiantang River. Bootstrap values were 1000 replicates (only values greater than 50% are shown), and the scale bar represents 2% of sequence divergence.

Fig. S2. Abundances of anammox bacteria in different samples collected from Qiantang River sediments.

Fig. S3. PCA ordination diagrams of anammox bacterial communities detected in different sediment samples collected from Qiantang River.

Table S1. The basic physical and chemical parameters of the sediments collected from the Qiantang River.

Table S2. 16S rRNA gene sequence identities (%) of the retrieved anammox bacterial clusters compared with each other and to known anammox bacteria.

Table S3. Correlation analysis of environmental factors and anammox bacterial diversity and abundance.

Appendix S1. Experimental procedures.

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