The Geneva Conference of 1966 as a Climactic Event


  • John C. Bennett

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    • In part I have drawn on my memory as a member of the conference: I was one of the co-chairmen of Section III. I was helped in writing this article by referring to a chapter I wrote on the subject for the volume edited by Philip D. Morris entitled Metropolis, published by Fides Publishers Inc., South Bend, Indiana, in 1970. I have been given permission to use a few passages from that chapter. Chiefly I have been guided by a re-study of the conference reports. There was unusually thorough preparation for the conference. The following four substantial volumes were published as part of this preparation: John C. Bennett, ed., Christian Social Ethics in a Changing World; Z.K. Matthews, ed., Responsible Government in a Revolutionary Age; Denys Munby, ed., Economic Growth in World Perspective; Egbert de Vries, ed., Man in Community; all published by Association Press, New York, and SCM Press, London, in 1966.