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“Converted and always converting”: Transformational spirituality as metanoia



This paper reflects from the local context on the issues of living in creation, and explores to what extent, if at all, our theology of creation leads our ethics and spirituality of creation. It begins by examining the theology of creation that is voiced within the author's church. Then it goes on to explore whether the ethics match that theology. The exploration of the disconnection between our theology and ethics leads a critique of world view illustrated in the graffiti of Banksy. The paper contends that the outlook we need to bring to “earth community” is one of metanoia, a readiness to repent and convert towards a life-style that brings us into greater communion with the earth. But, grounded in this context, the paper asserts this is not in theology's gift. Only by beginning in a spirituality of companionship can we be helped to make the continuous creative changes needed if we are to convert our life-style and our theology to treat earth as our neighbour.