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A revision of the genus Pternopetalum Franch. (Apiaceae)


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Abstract  A revision of the East Asian genus Pternopetalum Franch. is presented recognizing 15 species and proposing 14 new synonyms. Pternopetalum filicinum (Franch.) Hand.-Mazz., P. asplenioides (H. Boissieu) Hand.-Mazz., P. heterophyllum Hand.-Mazz., and P. tanakae var. fulcranium Y. H. Zhang are merged with P. tanakae (Franch. & Savatier) Hand.-Mazz. Pternopetalum wolffianum (Fedde ex H. Wolff) Hand.-Mazz., P. yiliangense Shan & Pu, P. vulgare var. strigosum Shan & Pu, and P. vulgare var. acuminatum C. Y. Wu ex Shan & Pu are reduced to P. vulgare (Dunn.) Hand.-Mazz. Pternopetalum botrychioides var. latipinulatum Shan and P. affinum (Fedde ex H. Wolff) M. Hiroe are combined with P. botrychioides (Dunn) Hand.-Mazz. Pternopetalum longicaule Shan and P. mairei (Diels ex H. Wolff) Hand.-Mazz. are merged with P. delavayi (Franch.) Hand.-Mazz. Pternopetalum trachycarpum C. Y. Wu ex Shan & Z. H. Pan is reduced to P. trichomanifolium (Franch.) Hand.-Mazz. An identification key, descriptions, and distribution maps are provided.