The European Network of Transfusion Medicine Societies, EuroNet-TMS


  • Philippe Rouger MD

    1. Institut National de la Transfusion Sanguine Université Pierre et Marie Curie EuroNet-TMS INSERM U 76 Société Française de Transfusion Sanguine Paris, France
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Europe is developing in a complex environment in which healthcare represents an important field of activities. Transfusion Medicine (TM) plays a major role in European healthcare developments, and as such requires the involvement of numerous actors. Professional medical/scientific societies have the responsibility of promoting their disciplines. In this way it has been considered both necessary and relevant to build up a federation of transfusion medicine societies throughout the European Union (EU); in this context, EuroNet-TMS, the European Network of Transfusion Medicine Societies, was formed in early 2002 with the agreement of 15 EU countries. This network groups more than 6,000 professionals from blood transfusion centers. At present it has six major objectives: (1) to find coherent responses to issues at stake in TM; (2) to promote medical and scientific developments of blood transfusion in Europe; (3) to ensure the highest and most up-to-date scientific level in order to meet safety and quality standards; (4) to offer similar TM services to all EU citizens; (5) to share knowledge and data within Europe; (6) to develop numerous interfaces with decision-makers taking into account the diversity of European countries.