Non-carious cervical lesions: a scanning electron microscopic study


Professor Grant Townsend
School of Dentistry
The University of Adelaide
Adelaide SA 5005


Background:  Examining non-carious cervical lesions using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) provides an opportunity to clarify their complex aetiology. This study aimed to examine the morphological forms of non-carious cervical lesions found within a sample of extracted human permanent anterior teeth using scanning electron microscopy.

Methods:  Five examples of non-carious cervical lesions from each of eight different morphologic categories were replicated and examined using scanning electron microscopy.

Results:  In total, 40 non-carious cervical lesions were examined at magnifications ranging from 10× to 2605× magnification. Qualitative ultrastructural features evident in the lesions were described and classified according to their appearance. A total of 13 different qualitative features were observed throughout the sample of NCCLs.

Conclusions:  SEM highlighted a broad range of microscopic features of NCCLs, providing valuable insights into their complex, multifactorial aetiology.