Consensus statement by hospital based dentists providing dental treatment for patients with inherited bleeding disorders


  • In association with the Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation (AHCDO), 1622 High Street, Glen Iris VIC 3146.

Dr Ian Hewson
Dental Unit, The Alfred Hospital
Melbourne VIC 3004


Avoidance of dental care and neglect of oral health may occur in patients with inherited bleeding disorders because of concerns about perioperative and postoperative bleeding, but this is likely to result in the need for crisis care, and more complex and high-risk procedures. Most routine dental care in this special needs group can be safely managed in the general dental setting following consultation with the patient’s haematologist and adherence to simple protocols. Many of the current protocols for dental treatment of patients with inherited bleeding disorders were devised many years ago and now need revision. There is increasing evidence that the amount of factor cover previously recommended for dental procedures can now be safely reduced or may no longer be required in many cases. There is still a need for close cooperation and discussion between the patient’s haematologist and dental surgeon before any invasive treatment is performed. A group of hospital based dentists from centres where patients with inherited bleeding disorders are treated met and, after discussions, a management protocol for dental treatment was formulated.