The scientific article Severe adverse reactions to dental local anaesthetics: systemic reactions by Sambrook et al. on page 148 reviews serious adverse reactions to local anaesthetics and makes recommendations on the management of patients with a history of adverse systemic reactions to local anaesthetics or patients who experience an adverse reaction. Test your knowledge by first reading the article, then go to Log on to the members site and click on ‘Journal’. Then click on ‘ADJ CPD Quizzes’ and choose this month’s issue. Select the option that you think provides the best answer to each question. Click ‘Done’ and in an instant you’ll know how you scored. Remember to print out a copy of your score for your records. Completion of this quiz entitles you to 1 CPD hour. Please note the Editorial Office will no longer accept hard copies of completed questionnaires. The Quiz must be completed online and a printed copy of your results retained for CPD audit purposes.

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