Clinical evaluation of non-carious cervical lesion restorations using a HEMA-free adhesive: three-year results


Clinical Associate Professor Michael Burrow
Faculty of Dentistry
The University of Hong Kong
Prince Philip Dental Hospital
34 Hospital Road
Sai Ying Pun
Hong Kong SAR


Background:  The use of all-in-one resin-based adhesives in clinical practice has continued to increase. The aim of this study was to evaluate retention and marginal staining of a HEMA-free all-in-one adhesive Go! (SDI, Australia) and Ice resin composite in non-carious cervical lesions (NCCLs).

Methods:  Forty-one restorations were placed in 13 patients (age range 44–72 years). Human Ethics Committee approval from the University of Melbourne and Dental Health Services Victoria was obtained. Restorations were bonded and placed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Enamel etching was performed on NCCL margins after cleaning with pumice and water. Patients were recalled at six months and one, two and three years. Restorations were evaluated for retention and marginal staining, and photographic records of restorations were obtained.

Results:  At three years, six patients were available for recall with 23 restoration sites reviewed. At the six-month recall, three restorations had been lost, with a further two lost at two years. At three years, an overall cumulative retention rate of 85% was calculated using survival analysis. Fifteen of the 23 restorations showed slight marginal staining.

Conclusions:  At three years, the overall retention rate of 85% indicates a satisfactory result for this new adhesive. Marginal staining was regarded as minimal.