• Autogenous bone graft;
  • hard tissue augmentation;
  • implantology;
  • shell technique


Background:  Defects of the alveolar crest often lead to three-dimensional bone loss after tooth extraction. Therefore, hard tissue grafting is required prior to implant placement. Different techniques have been described in the literature.

Methods:  In this case report three-dimensional hard tissue grafting was performed with a modified shell technique and autogenous bone harvested from the mandibular ramus. The shells were trimmed to a thickness of 1 mm and placed to recontour the ideal shape of the alveolar ridge. The shells were then fixed with micro titanium screws, and the gap between the shells and the alveolar ridge was filled with autogenous bone chips.

Results:  Wound healing was uneventful. Consolidation of the bone graft showed almost no resorption and the implant was placed into vital bone.

Conclusions:  The described shell technique for rebuilding three-dimensional alveolar defects showed promising results and could be an alternative treatment to other hard tissue grafting techniques.