For the more astute and avid readers of the Australian Dental Journal you will have noted some interesting changes to the membership of the Editorial Advisory Board during 2011. It is with pleasure that I welcome to this Board four international members from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the USA. For me this is an important sign of further maturity of the Journal. The role of the Editorial Advisory Board is to meet once a year to discuss policy matters and general running of the Journal. It also is instrumental in determining what themes will be chosen for our annual supplement. Members of the Board are also involved in judging nominated papers for the annual ADJ prizes. Indeed, the success of the Journal reflects the important work of the Advisory Board and this is reflected in a number of ways. For example, the number of manuscripts submitted to the Journal continues to increase. In 2011 we received 704 manuscripts from 48 different countries. Sadly, only a very small percentage (less than 10%) of these manuscripts are determined to be of suitable quality for publication. The processing of this large number of manuscripts is a daunting task and it is important to acknowledge the help of not only members of the Advisory Board but also another 99 individuals who graciously gave up their precious time to review these manuscripts. Of note is that of these reviewers, 32 were based overseas and this represents an increasing internationalization of the Journal. These moves to position the Journal on the international stage are beginning to pay dividends and I am very pleased to report that the latest impact factor and international ranking for the Australian Dental Journal has improved significantly. Our impact factor is now 1.496 (up from 1.22 last year) and our international ranking is 31 out of 74 journals compared to 41 last year. Having said this, it is important to note the Journal still remains the official publication of the Australian Dental Association and its raison d’être is to publish papers of relevance to the practice of dentistry in Australia. So while we reach out internationally, we still remain loyally Australian.

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P Mark Bartold AM