• Toxoplasma gondii;
  • Trypanosoma cruzi;
  • toxoplasmosis;
  • chagas disease;
  • dog;
  • Virginia


Toxoplasma gondii and Trypanosoma cruzi are zoonotic protozoan parasites that cause disseminated infections in many vertebrate species. The present study determined the seroprevalence of T. gondii and Tr. cruzi in a population of dogs from Virginia. Serum samples were tested from 90 domestic dogs collected from animal shelters in Virginia. Using an indirect immunofluorescent antibody test, sera were examined at a 1 : 50 dilution and antibodies to T. gondii were found in 19 dogs (21%). Antibodies to Tr. cruzi were determined by qualitative immunochromatographic dipstick assay. One (1%) of the 90 dogs had Tr. cruzi antibodies and it was also seropositive for T. gondii. Our findings indicate that dogs are frequently exposed to T. gondii in Virginia, but that antibodies to Tr. cruzi are rare in the same geographical region.