Figure S1. (a) Expression of Porcinereproductive and respiratory syndrome virus antigen in a controlanimal. IHC. Bar, 60 μm. (b–e) Negative controls(omit) of S-100, SWC3, HLA-DR and λ-light chains ofinoculated animals. IHC. Bar, 60 μm.

Figure S2. (a–c) Isotype controls ofSWC3, HLA-DR and λ-light chains of inoculated animals. IHC.Bar, 60 μm.

Figure S3. (a, b) Consecutive sections showingpositive Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virusantigen expressing cells (a) and HLA-DR expressing cells (b) in thetonsil of a pig killed at 14 dpi. IHC. Bar, 25 μm.

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