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Prevalence of oral abnormalities in a Turkish newborn population


Dr Deniz C. Can-Karabulut, Department of Operative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Near East University, Mersin 10 Turkey. Email:


Objective:  There are a few studies that describe the oral findings in newborn children in various populations but none conducted for a Turkish population. Hence, this study determined the prevalence of intraoral findings in a group of newborns and examined the correlation among these findings with the mother’s systemic and gestational medical complications, cigarette consumption during pregnancy and consanguinity between the parents.

Methods:  2,021 full-term, newborn children were examined. Oral cysts, ankyloglossia, attached upper midline frenum and other medical diagnoses at birth were investigated. Medical information for each child and parent was recorded via standard questionnaire. Obtained data was analysed using the Pearson Chi-Square test (P ≤ 0.05).

Results:  The most common findings were of oral inclusion cysts situated palatally.

Conclusions:  There was a statistically significant relationship between the presence of oral inclusion cysts with the congenital diabetes and also insulin treatment and cigarette consumption during pregnancy. Moreover, a significant relationship was found between the presence of oral inclusion cysts and gestational diabetes and with the presence of consanguinity between the parents (P = 0.004).