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Do the Benefits of Reducing Accounting Complexity Persist in Markets Prone to Bubble?


  • Accepted by Hun-Tong Tan. I am grateful for the assistance of my dissertation committee chair, Steve Kachelmeier, and the members of my committee, Jim Dyer, Jeffrey Hales, Eric Hirst, and Lisa Koonce. I also appreciate the helpful comments of Ozlem Arikan, Allen Blay, Valrie Chambers, Angela Coletti, Brooke Elliott, Linda Hobson, Ryan Huston, Mark Isaac, Kevin Jackson, William Mayew, Tim Salmon, Doug Stevens, Hun-Tong Tan, Jeffrey Wilks, Brian White, Michael Williamson, Jennifer Winchel, two anonymous reviewers, participants in the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, the International Meeting of the Economic Science Association, the Florida State University Accounting Workshop, the Florida State University Experimental Social Science Workshop, the Annual Brigham Young University Accounting Research Symposium, the University of Florida Accounting Workshop, and workshop participants and Ph.D. students at the University of Texas at Austin.

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