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CEO Ability and Management Earnings Forecasts


  •  Accepted by Patricia O’Brien. We thank two anonymous reviewers, Francois Brochet, Larry Brown, Jong-Hag Choi, Lee-Seok Hwang, Adam Koch, Yong Kwon, Patricia O’Brien (associate editor), Arienna Pinello, S. Ghon Rhee, Roy Song, Jaewon Youn, seminar participants at Georgia State University, University of Hawaii at Manoa, SKKU, the HKUST-SMU-SNU research camp, and participants at the 2011 FARS meeting and 2010 AAA meeting for their helpful comments. We also thank Sarah McVay for generously providing us with data for the measure of CEO ability derived from DEA (data envelope analysis). Bok Baik acknowledges financial support from the Institute of Management Research at Seoul National University.

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