Conflict of Interest or Information Sharing? Evidence from Affiliated Analyst Performance in Korea


  •  Accepted by Peter Clarkson. We acknowledge the helpful comments from the associate editor and the anonymous reviewers. We also thank Gilles Hillary, Philip Brown, Gary Monroe, Paul Andre, David Stangeland, Gia Chevis, Mark Perry, Takashi Yaekura, Mikiharu Noma, Jinsoo Lee, and participants at the seminars at the University of New South Wales, HEC-Paris, ESSEC Business School Paris, University of Manitoba, North Dakota State University, University of Michigan-Flint and KAIST, as well as participants at the 2008 American Accounting Association Conference, the 2008 Japan Accounting Association Conference, the 2008 Korean Accounting Association Conference, and the third International Conference on Asia-Pacific Financial Markets for their useful comments.