Do Voting Rights Matter? Evidence From the Adoption of Equity-Based Compensation Plans


  • Accepted by Shivaram Rajgopal. The authors would like to thank Shiva (Editor), Chris Armstrong (the discussant), two anonymous referees and participants at the 2008 CAR conference. We also thank Jeff Abarbanell, Ken Ayotte, Phil Berger, Bjorn Jorgensen, Ken French, Jon Kerr, S. P. Kothari, Hannah Lee, Clive Lennox, Xiaojing Meng, Partha Mohanram, Stephen Penman, Doug Skinner, Pete Wilson, Arnie Wright, Valentina Zamora, and the seminar participants at Boston College, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Ohio State University, Rutgers University, and Yale University for their valuable comments. The authors would also like to thank Alok Baradwaj, Feng Chen, Quinn Chiang, Andrew Cowen, and Devis Myteveli for valuable research assistance.

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