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    This article on the Kissimmee River derives from a chapter on “The River” in my book Humanature (1996). A visual analysis of the creation and management of nature, the book includes chapters on “Trees,” “The Zoo,” “Beaches,” “The Mine,” “Reclaimed Land,” “The River,” “Dams,” and “Wildlife.”


ABSTRACT. Although the canal project on the Kissimmee River in central Florida facilitated navigation and more effective flood control, it clearly resulted in ecological degradation of the Kissimmee habitat. Since 1984 the Kissimmee River has been the focus of an intensive restoration program. The managers now responsible for creating a functioning river and floodplain are attempting to restore sections of the Kissimmee to some semblance of “nature.” This, the first nationwide attempt to restore a river of such size and ecological importance, is examined in a photographic essay.