Book reviewed in this article:

GLOBAL DESERTIFICATION: Do Humans Cause Deserts? Edited by J. F. Reynolds and D. M. Stafford Smith.

THE NILE. By Robert O. Collins.

THE CHINESE DIASPORA: Space, Place, Mobility, and Identity. Edited by Laurence J. C. Ma and Carolyn Cartier.

NEW CHALLENGES FOR DEVELOPMENT AND MODERNIZATION: Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific Region in the New Millennium. Edited by Yue-man Yeung.

NEW ORLEANS: The Making of an Urban Landscape. By Peirce F. Lewis.

CHARTING LOUISIANA: Five Hundred Years of Maps. Edited by Alfred E. Lemmon, John T. Magill, and Jason R. Wiese.

HISTORICAL ATLAS OF CENTRAL AMERICA. By Carolyn Hall and Héctor Pérez Brignoli.