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    Although this article is based primarily on my firsthand observations, many of those observations were prompted by the numerous articles written by Steve Brown, who since 1980 has covered the local real estate market for the Dallas Morning News. An assertion by Wilbur Zelinsky in a note contributed to the March 2006 Newsletter of the Association of American Geographers also sparked this work. I set out to determine whether a major geographical journal would publish an article that is purely geographical in scope, dealing with nothing except the physical form of a city, changing over time. Zelinsky assured me that I would have no luck, but I think I have here shown otherwise.


ABSTRACT. Since its founding, Dallas, Texas has grown centrifugally. Since the 1990s, however, it has also grown centripetally, with developers building walkable, mixed-use islands in the midst of metropolitan sprawl. This article surveys what amounts to a historic change of habit.