Does a penny viewed at an angle in some sense look elliptical, as though projected on a two-dimensional surface? Many philosophers have said such things, from Malebranche (1674/1997) and Hume (1739/1978), through early 20lh-century sense-data theorists, to Tye (2000) and Noë' (2004). I confess that it doesn't seem this way to me, though I'm somewhat baffled by the phenomenology and pessimistic about our ability to resolve the dispute. 1 raise geometrical complaints against the view and conjecture that views of this sort draw some of their appeal from over-analogizing visual experience to painting or photography. Theorists writing in contexts where vision is typically analogized to less-projective media–wax signet impressions in ancient Greece, stereoscopy in introspective psychology circa 1900 – are substantially less likely to attribute such projective distortions to visual appearances.