Metaphysics, Verbal Disputes and the Limits of Charity


  • I benefited enormously in the writing of this paper from many discussions with my partner and colleague Magdalena Balcerak Jackson, who was (as always) an invaluable and inexhaustible resource. I would also like to acknowledge the helpful feedback on presentations of this material that I received in discussions at the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, the University of Cologne, and at a workshop on verbal disagreements organized by Daniel Cohnitz at the University of Tartu, Estonia. In particular, I would like to thank John Bengson, Ben Blumson, David Braddon-Mitchell, Jacek Brzozowski, David J. Chalmers, Daniel Cohnitz, Mark Colyvan, Manuel Garcia-Carpintero, Lucas Halpin, Daniel Korman, Max Kölbel, Dan Marshall, Teresa Marques, Kristie Miller, Daniel Nolan, Alex Skiles, Daniel Stoljar, Zoltán Gendler Szabó and Folke Tersman for their thoughtful and stimulating comments, questions and objections.