Doing Away with Harm


  •  Thanks to audiences at Lawrence University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, SUNY-Buffalo, SUNY-Binghamton, Princeton University, Boston University, Syracuse University, Western Washington University, the 2009 Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress, and SPDMBABWS for helpful discussion. Here are just a few people who made helpful comments: David Killoren, Carolina Sartorio, Liz Harman, Melinda Roberts, Christopher Knapp, Daniel Star, Laurie Paul, Shieva Kleinschmidt, Christian Lee, Alastair Norcross, Eric Chwang, Chris Heathwood, Judith Thomson, Matt Skene, Kenneth Ehrenberg, Ken Shockley, Steve Campbell, Dave Horacek, Kris McDaniel, Melissa Frankel, Kara Richardson, Kevan Edwards. Special thanks to Justin Klocksiem and Brandon Davis-Shannon (my commentators at Boulder and Binghamton) and an anonymous referee for this journal.