Past Issues of the Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education and Water Resources Update

Issue 148, August 2012. Exempt Wells. John Tracy, Unviersity of Idaho, Boise. (Ed.)

Issue 147, March 2012. Scale Interatcions. Shama Perveen, Columbia University, New York, New York. (Ed.)

Issue 146, December 2010. Stormwater Management. William F. Hunt, North Carolina State University, Raleigh. (Ed.)

Issue 145, August 2010. Hydrophilanthropy and Education. David K. Kreamer, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (Ed.)

Issue 144, March 2010. Reallocating Water under Prior Appropriation. Olen Paul Matthews, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque; Michael Pease, Central Washington University, Ellensburg. (Eds.)

Issue 143, December 2009. The Energy-Water Nexus. Gerald Sehlke, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls. (Ed.)

Issue 142, August 2009. Geography: A Vibrant Agenda for the Next 20 Years of Water Resources Research. William James Smith, Jr., University of Nevada; Graham A. Tobin, University of South Florida. (Eds.)

Issue 141, March 2009. Three Years after Katrina: Restoring and Protecting New Orleans and

Coastal Louisiana. Gerald E. Galloway, University of Maryland. (Ed.)

Issue 140, September 2008. Complexity and Uncertainty in Water Resources Management.

John Tracy, University of Idaho. (Ed.)

Issue 139, June 2008. A Creative Critique of U.S. Water Education. Charles “Chuck” Howe, University of Colorado-Boulder. (Ed.)

Issue 138, April 2008. The Role of Science in Watershed Management. Burrell Montz, Binghamton University. (Ed.)

Issue 137, September 2007. Increasing Freshwater Supplies. Karl Wood, Water Resources Research Institute, New Mexico State University. (Ed.)

Issue 136, June 2007. Water and Watersheds. Penny Firth, National Science Foundation; Michelle Kelleher, National Science Foundation; Barbara Levinson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (Eds.)

Issue 135, December 2006. Integrated Water Resource Management: New Governance, Tools, and Challenges—Selected International Perspectives. Bruce Hooper, DHI Water and Environment. (Ed.)

Issue 134, July 2006. River and Lake Restoration: Changing Landscapes. Lynne Y. Lewis, Bates College. (Ed.)

Issue 133, May 2006. River Adjudications. Andrea Gerlak & John Thorson, Columbia University. (Eds.)

Issue 132, December 2005. Desalination. Tamim Younos, Virginia Polytecnic Institute and State University. (Ed.)

Issue 131, May 2005. Allocating Water: Economics and the Environment. Gary Johnson, University of Idaho; Sarah Bigger, Boise State University; Ari Michelsen, Texas A&M University. (Eds.)

Issue 130, March 2005. National Flood Policy a Decade after the 1993 Mississippi Flood. Stuart A. Davis & Mark C. Dunning, Institute for Water Resources. (Eds.)

Issue 129, October 2004. Water and Homeland Security. Regan Murray, USEPA. (Ed.)

Issue 128, June 2004. Small Water Supply Systems: Meeting the Challenges of the Safe Drinking Water Act. John B. Braden, University of Illinois, Urbana. (Ed.)

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