Supply Chain Management Research and Production and Operations Management: Review, Trends, and Opportunities



We reviewed the manuscripts focused on Supply Chain Management that had been published in Production and Operations Management (POM) over roughly 15 years (1992 to 2006). The manuscripts covered dealt with topics including supply chain design, uncertainty and the bullwhip effect, contracts and supply chain coordination, capacity and sourcing decisions, applications and practice, and teaching supply chain management. In the process of this review, we highlight the significant contribution of POM to the field of supply chain management, and illustrate how this body of work has served to further the mission of the journal. We then highlight works from this group along with the discussion of selected papers from other top journals in an effort to provide a reasonably complete overview of important issues addressed in recent supply chain management research. Using our research survey and conceptual overview of the area as a foundation, we offer comments which highlight opportunities and suggest ideas on how to usefully expand the body of work in the supply chain management area.