The Effects of Trainee Characteristics on Training Effectiveness in Improving Organizational Performance


  • Eul-Kyoo Bae

    1. Ohio State University
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    • *the Workforce Development and Education Program at Ohio State University. He is an assistant professor at Kyungil University in Korea and teaches in the Teacher Preparation Program. Dr. Bae was a research associate with the National Dissemination Center for Career and Technical Education at Ohio State University. He was Human Resource Development Manager for the Daewoo Management Development Center within the Daewoo Group, one of the largest companies in Korea. Research interests are in the areas of program evaluation, transfer of training, and performance management. Telephone: 82–53–850–7106.


Despite the existence of many comprehensive and user-friendly guides to evaluate training programs, most practitioners have had difficulty assessing training effects on corporate outcomes. Research revealed that trainees, organizational, and training-related factors might influence the effectiveness of training in terms of organizational performance. The current study examines the effects of trainee characteristics among those factors, specifically what kind of trainee characteristics could affect training effectiveness in terms of job performance in a company. In addition, telephone surveys were conducted to aid in understanding of the reasons for leaving and high turnover of company personnel. The current and terminated employees who went through training programs in the company differed when considering previous sales experience in years and type of sales experience as trainee characteristics factors, with those still employed having a statistically higher average number of years and a higher rated type of sales experience. The current employees demonstrated higher job performance. The implications of these results on the attainment of training effectiveness as well as the selection decisions in the organization are discussed.