vcp476-sup-0001-AppendixS1.pdfapplication/PDF480K Appendix S1. Measures of variation, rules for combining variations of different variables, models for measurement errors, and statistical methods used for evaluation of the error components and for testing hypotheses of stability of samples and consistency after dilution and spiking of samples.

Figure S1. Pattern of variation for duplicate measurements in 3 fixed positions on 8 microplates. One replicate on microplate 2 and 2 replicates on microplate 8 were considered outliers.

Table S1. Assigned values (%) for coefficients of variation (CV) depending on insulin concentration and number of replicates.

Table S2. Stability study for feline serum insulin. Relative differences (%) from concentrations (ng/L) on day 0 of samples stored at room temperature (20°C) and at 2–8°C.

Table S3. Relative same-day differences (%) between serum insulin concentrations in samples from 5 cats with samples stored at room temperature (20°C) and at 2–8°C for 4 days.

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