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Canine Leptospirosis: A Retrospective Study of 17 Cases



Seventeen dogs were diagnosed with leptospirosis on the basis of clinical findings, laboratory abnormalities, and serology. This article summarizes and characterizes the historical and physical findings, laboratory data, serology, treatment, and outcome of these dogs. All of the dogs had serologic evidence of infection with interrogans serovars pomona and grippotyphosa. These findings are compared with previous reports of canine infection with Leptospira interrogans serovars icterohaemorrhagiae and canicola. The clinical presentation of these dogs did not correspond to the classic description of the disease in dogs in which concurrent renal and hepatic diseases are present. This may be due to infection with different serovars than those previously reported. In addition, this article suggests that canine leptospirosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of dogs with acute or subacute renal failure. (Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 1992; 6:235–244)