This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of enalapril on exercise capacity and longevity in dogs with left-sided heart failure produced by iatrogenic mitral regurgitation. After surgical creation of mitral regurgitation, 18 dogs were allocated into replicates according to exercise capacities. One dog in each replicate received placebo, and the other received 0.5 mg/kg of enalapril sid for 9 days and bid thereafter. Exercise tolerance was studied after 10, 19, 52 to 53, and 80 to 81 days, respectively. Finally, the percentage of dogs in each group that survived 357 days was compared. The duration of exercise for dogs in the placebo and enalapril groups did not differ at baseline (P> .1) or after 19 days (P > .1). Dogs that received enalapril had significantly reduced (P < .0011 exercise tolerance at day 10, and significantly increased (P = .002) exercise tolerance at days 52 to 53 and 80 to 81 when compared with controls. At 357 days, 22% of dogs receiving placebo were alive, compared with 67% of dogs receiving enalapril; however, these differences were not statistically significant (P = .124). This study shows that enalapril increases exercise tolerance in dogs with left-sided heart failure induced by iatrogenic mitral regurgitation. J Vet Intern Med 1996;10:85–87. Copyright © 1996 by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.