In LeVine et al,1 two typographical errors were discovered following publication. The paragraph at the bottom of the second column of page 1280 included incorrect sequences. The correct paragraph should have read:

From the sequence in GenBank®, the normal VDR exon4-intron sequence is CGG|gtacgtggcc (exon 4 sequence in capitals and intron sequence in lower case with bolded letters indicating splicing recognition sequence). The deletion of a single guanine base in the GG|g triplet would generate the sequence CG|gtacgtggcc and leave the 5′-splice site intact. On the other hand, deletion of guanine in the coding sequence would cause a frameshift in exon 5. In order to document this frameshift, RNA was isolated from the dog's cultured fibroblasts.

In the original article, the sequences were written as “AGG|gtacgtggcc” and “AG|gtacgtggcc,” which was incorrect.

Additionally, one author's name was misspelled. I.D. Robertson was the seventh-named author on this paper. The correct reference is provided below.

We apologize for these errors.


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