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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor

Regarding the consensus statement, “Endoscopic, Biopsy, and Histopathologic Guidelines for the Evaluation of Gastrointestinal Inflammation in Companion Animals,” there was no mention of laparorscopic biopsies. In the summary, the authors concluded on page 18, “where biopsy is indicated, endoscopic biopsy is the preferred choice.” Does this take into account other options such as laparoscopic full-thickness biopsies and exploratory laparotomy?

While I understand the title of the report is clear with endoscopy guidelines, I am wondering why the other options for tissue harvesting were not discussed or mentioned in the entire report.

We routinely perform laparoscopic full-thickness jejunal biopsies and I feel we obtain a more complete pathological picture of the underlying tissue versus endoscopy, which we also have on site.